Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I buy Mail Stationery Designs app?

Mail Stationery Designs app is available in Mac App Store. Click here to buy Mail Stationery Designs app from Mac App Store. Once purchased the app is automatically downloaded to your Mac (Applications folder). Check for Mail Stationery Designs app in the Applications folder, through the Launchpad or in the Spotlight.

I use Apple mail but I wonder if all my recipients are able to view the same mail designs?

Mail Stationery is designed on the universal HTML basics. Different Internet browsers, mail applications (clients) or web service providers may show the same things slightly different. They look great on Apple Mail, iPad or iPhone.

Some of the templates might look slightly different once sent to a PC or viewed in a webmail. The recipients will be able to view and read your messages on different e-mail services and programs they are using. Just keep in mind that some elements in the template might look different on a PC. Designs work great with iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo and many other webmail services.

Can I have this app on my second computer?

Yes. You can use the app on up to 5 Macs using the same Apple ID. Just run the App Store app with the same Apple ID on the second Mac and go to the Purchases tab. You'll see a list of the apps you've already purchased, with an Install button next to each one - click the button to install on the second Mac.

How to restore purchased app after changing computer?

If you have already purchased app then you will be able to re-download it free of charge.
  1. Log in with the same Apple ID used for the original purchase
  2. Click Purchased tab in the App Store
  3. Find the right app in your “Purchases" list
  4. To download an app, click the Download button to the right of the item
Check preview in the picture below:

Apps which are in your system in “Purchases” section are shown as installed. This way you can also check if app is still installed in your system.

In addition, you just can "Check for Unfinished Downloads..." from the top menu of the App Store app or resume the downloading in the Launchpad. The download will not start from the beginning, but it will continue.